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【5/25】Original Pack 5P per person



Selling on a first-come, first-served basis today [5/25] from 9:00 PM.

※ The product will be temporarily taken offline at 8:55 PM JST for adjustments.

※ Purchases will be possible at 9:00 PM JST.

¥10,000/1P, total 100P

The detailed prize pool is fully listed in the third image.

◆ Purchase limit is 5P per person.

◆ All PSAs shown in the image are PSA 10.

◆ For unopened boxes, exchange tickets are included.


⚠️ Payment is only accepted via bank transfer. Please note that if payment is not confirmed within 48 hours, the order may be canceled.

※ Cards with major scratches or damage have been screened out through inspection, but some cards with minor scratches or damage may be included. As these are random prizes, please understand that returns or exchanges are not possible.

※ Purchases made by bots may inconvenience other customers, so please refrain from using them. If bulk purchases are detected, all orders from the individual will be canceled.